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 Excel To JSON Tutorial:

1. Prepare a Excel sheet
Insert your data on a excel sheet >> Save your excel data as .xlsx format >> In this example, there are 2 rows of data. A1 to D1 are title for each column. A2 to D2 are your data details.
Excel To JSON Tutorial
a. If your data includes images, please upload your images to a online space then copy and
    paste your image URL to a cell.
b. The first row must be data title for each column.
c. When saving as .xlsx, please do not use symbol (!@#$^%& etc.) in your file name


2. Convert your .xlsx to .JSON
Go to AppShow service >> Select Excel to .JSON >> Insert your excel title and upload your .xlsx >> Select your .JSON space >> Click upload file. Excel To JSON Tutorial
Excel To JSON Tutorial
Copy and Paste the generated URL to table function. Your data could be viewed in apps as a result. (Please read table view function tutorial in Smart Apps Creator 3 program folder.) Excel To JSON Tutorial

3. You can update your data anytime you want. Just delete the previous file and upload a new .xlsx by selecting the same project ID. Then your app would load the latest data. Excel To JSON Tutorial Excel To JSON Tutorial